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Figaro was written to make it easy to securely configure Rails applications.

Configuration values often include sensitive information. Figaro strives to be secure by default by encouraging a convention that keeps configuration out of Git.
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Dave Kimura
Dave Kimura

May 22, 2020

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Given the following configuration file:

# config/application.yml

pusher_app_id: "2954"
pusher_key: "7381a978f7dd7f9a1117"
pusher_secret: "abdc3b896a0ffb85d373"

You can configure Pusher in an initializer:

# config/initializers/pusher.rb

Pusher.app_id = ENV["pusher_app_id"]
Pusher.key    = ENV["pusher_key"]
Pusher.secret = ENV["pusher_secret"]

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run "bundle add figaro"
run "bundle install"
run "bundle exec figaro install"

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